September 30, 2008

other cliches about China

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I made two other drawings of clichés. I have other ideas… of course we won’t use all of them, but those which inspire your pig and/or have a good visual effect. As I told you previously I’ll be in Italy for ten days from Thursday on and will have a limited access to internet (I’ll be in the countryside). I’ll do my best to continue to work on our collaboration but in case it is difficult, you can choose clichés you want to explore for the pig and we can draw the missing pieces of the puzzle later.

Looking forward to receiving your next drawings.



September 29, 2008

other cliches

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Hi Coco,

Two other clichés… do you think they could be of any interest for your pig’s investgations?

Have a nice day. Amélie

90ies by PieR

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So here is my vision of the 90ies in France (at least one of them).

In Faezal one you can hear Kurt singing… So I choosed the moment when I learned THE news..

In France we often take a coffee at someone’s place between courses…


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Hi Coco,

I made this page this morning, using one of the clichés I already drew. If you prefer me to choose another cliché to begin, let me know. I have other ideas to draw these clichés and will make a few drawings before my departure to Italy on Thursday. I’m curious what your pig will discover…

All the best,


a chinese pig gives a call…

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Hi Amelie,

Thanks for your ideas! I have sort of started our conversation, the first conversation kind of demonstrate the pig and penguin were ‘lost in translation’, they both speak a little English, but not very good. 😉 I think you can simply start asking me some questions now, and my pig will need to go out and find out the answers for you, and the pig will discover that things are not the same as he thought it would be. the examples you wrote were good, pick one you like.
Yes you are right, we both draw a little intro of our characters before the conversation. I will work on that and send you the intro on Monday. 🙂

Best wishes and have a great time with your friends!


China explained to Penguins

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Hi Coco,

Some drawings and some thoughts…

I made some draft drawings using the telephone booth. If you are not convinced by this proposal, I can try with a computer, or something else. What would your pig prefer? The text in fake chinese should be written by you. This is just the beginning of the conversation…

I like alternating black and white (for the penguin’s everyday’s life) and colours to express his fancy clichés over China. What do you think of this process? Will you make pictures in B&W or in colours or both? I’m tempted to draw other clichés in the same format as for the previous ones, for example on Tibet (as you mentioned it in your last e-mail), pollution (medias are talking about this huge scandal of melanin in milk…), industrialisation (women working 12 hours a day in a factory, men building skyscrapers at a huge speed), History (Chinese invented paper)… Of course we won’t use all of these clichés, but it might give you the choice to answer those you want to use for your pig. Or, if there are specific aspects you would like to talk about, let me know, I can surely find a good cliché 😉

I wonder whether we should start the story directly with the phone call (or any other way to get in touch) or with an everyday life situation to introduce our characters, their environments, the main aspects of their mentalities… for example my penguin could have a first contact with the idea of China (through this piece of paper with an ideogram, some stories told by the panda, an old book, etc…) and suddenly he receives this call from China so he’s immediately very curious, eager to continue the conversation with this stranger. Maybe we should understand that your pig already has some question marks in his mind, that’s his almost ready to question his country… just an idea, let me know what you think of that.

We could use the drawings of clichés step by step, not all of them at once, in order to give a rhythm to their several conversations. This “rhythm” could be the final touch in Kyoto, the construction of the “puzzle”.

For the moment I don’t have any idea on when, how they’ll meet up, not even if it’s absolutely necessary. I think we’ll find the solution in the course of the conversation…

Maybe another few drawings from both sides and we should agree on a format, so that the pieces of our puzzle will not be to difficult to put together…

I’ll be back to my computer on Monday. I’m going to spend the week-end in the Ardennes, with friends, in the small mountains of Belgium. Beautiful weather, quite exceptional here!

The title could be something like… “China explained to Penguins”

King regards,


telephone booth

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Hi Coco,

Great, we are going somewhere together!! I love the idea of the telephon booth because it is very visual, imagine an English type of telephon booth in the middle of the ice field, my penguin hearing a ring and getting in to pick up the phone… a call from a pig from China! Something is eventually happening to him!  I already have the picture in mind and will draw it tomorrow and answer longer to your e-mail. It’s the evening here and I have to rush to meet friends after a long day of work. See you tomorrow.


a penguin and a pig…

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Hi Amelie 🙂

Wow! I love this connection! I thought about your two proposals (the cat as the connection or we imagine each other’s character), I am just brain storming and thought of something very simple, feel absolutely free to say no if you don’t like it. How about, simply give the penguin and the pig a tool for communicating? A laptop? A public phone booth that always appears out of nowhere? A mobilephone? Messenger pigeons? Blackberries? It might make the visual effect even more funny and amusing, I kind of want to laugh already when I imagine the peguin and the pig type on a laptop, or pushing coins into the public phone etc… Just a thought, please let me what you think. 🙂

So to start the story, for example, the pig was making a phone call, but dialed the wrong number, and the penguin picked it up. (Could be another way to start things up, this is just one I thought of at this moment) Then they started to talk about China , the penguin tells all his impression and imagination of China to the pig, ask some questions perhaps; some questions the pig could answer, but some he could not, so he had to go out and find out the answer. And more importantly, the pig is VERY surprised at penguin’s impression of China , very surprised to learn some information (from the penguin) about China that he (the pig) never knew before.

For example, when I was in school, everyone was educated as Taiwan was only a province of China , I was so shocked to learn that most foreigners believe Taiwan was an independent country. Also I was not aware of the problem between the Chinese government and Tibet when I was in China , I only learned these problems after I went to UK and look everything from an international point of view. The Chinese government kept lots of thing away from Chinese citizens to avoid troubles.

After the communication on phone or laptop or letter or whatever…, they decided to meet up, then we can arrange a way for them to meet up and think about what they do when they meet up. What do you think?

I am just thinking out loud, do tell me your ideas.

I agree with you, our two characters do fit well together, they are both very cute and have a very good sense of humour. ^v^


September 28, 2008

Early Posts Sofia & Maki

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  1. maki0402 said,

    September 30, 2008 at 5:45 am · Edit

    Dear Sofia

    Hi Sofia,
    I got your mail today.
    Thank you for your writing. I’m happy to hear from you.
    I’m sorry to late post a message about the themes.

    You visit Japan by this plan for the first time!?
    I hope you can get time for sightseeing and try to Japanese food if you like.There is a many good restaurant in Kyoto.Not only Japanese, Italian,Russian,Irish,Spanish,Indian,of course Chinese and Korean and more!I hope you enjoy it.

    Wow,you listened Hedningarna too? But it is natural.
    I like listen to foreign music.Of course Rock,Punk,classic and traditional music.
    (Celtic,Tango,Flamenco,Islamic etc…)Hedningarna was one of that.
    I believe Swedish music is not so popular in Japan.
    However, they has a many Japanese fan who likes listen to many kinds of music.Actually Vesen is come to Japan to their live performance once a few years.

    Now,I’d like to start a conversation about the themes.
    I’m interested in theme of 1,4 and 5.

    About theme 1,
    Japanese has a many cliches.
    I’m sorry to say,but I know almost nothing about your county culture.
    However,I think there is many differences between our culture.
    I’d like to talk about our culture each other and pick up interesting difference.
    And I think we have some similarity perhaps too.
    I think that interesting if we express them with a forms of the expression in comics.
    (We need to talk about differences of forms of the expression in comics between us.

    I think theme 4 and 5 is more simple.
    If you interested in this theme,let’s start to talk about this subjects.

    I’m interested in theme 3 too.
    Climate change is a problem of all of people now.
    I believe there is not the person who is not interested in the problem.
    However,this theme is little difficult to collaboration.
    I worry about a work becoming too abstract.
    But if you want choice this theme, I’ll assent with pleasure.

    And we have to think about way to collaborate.
    Do you think about we had better decide a theme first or
    had better we decide a method first?

    Please hear me your voice.
    I looking forward to collaboration with you!
    Please bear to my poor English for a while….(>_<;;


  2. maki0402 said,

    September 30, 2008 at 6:03 am · Edit

    Dear Ms,Kim and Mr,Ono

    Thank you for your mail and support.
    I’m sorry to late a post a message .
    We started to conversation about the themes recently.

    Please guide us and give some advices freely.
    I am so happy to work with you.

    I feel their are many differences in the stance of production of Japanese comic artists and non-Japanese comic artists. I believe that learning and understanding those differences, and expanding my own field of vision, will help me to grow as an artist.

    Thank you.


  3. sofiafalkenhem said,

    October 2, 2008 at 2:57 pm · Edit

    Hi again Maki!

    Again, your English is very good, please do not worry about it.

    We are interested in the same themes, I think maybe theme 1 is “easiest” to make a comic about and because of that I would rather like to explore theme 4 and 5. That way I think we could make something more interesting.

    Maybe we could write down our thoughts on these subjects (4 and 5)? Just some ideas or associations? In words or sketches, and then see where we could take it from there?

    I think it could be fun to make it as either a conversation, or maybe something more poetic. But most important it should be fun and interesting to read!

    If we know what material we have to work with, I think it is easier to figure out a method to work with? What are your thoughts? Would this work out for you? I will start thinking about the themes, and post my thoughts.

    I am happy to collaborate with you, you are such a good artist.


  4. maki0402 said,

    October 5, 2008 at 8:05 am · Edit

    Hi Sofia.
    I am very busy with work right now, and I’m afraid I have no time for writing.

    I’ll wright again after wednesday.

  5. sofiafalkenhem said,

    October 5, 2008 at 4:18 pm · Edit

    Okay, no problem at all, Maki!

    I hope your work goes well.


September 26, 2008

Early Posts Emma & Hwei Lin

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  1. Faezal said,

    September 26, 2008 at 8:26 pm · Edit

    Thanks a lot Emma,

    Looking at Pier’s artwork and how he is so comfortable drawing with light and shadow is just inspiring. I can’t wait to see more of your and Hwei Lin’s work together.

  2. Faezal said,

    October 1, 2008 at 7:20 pm · Edit

    Hi Hwei Lin,

    If you’re around in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor during this Hari Raya, maybe you could drop by for Hari Raya at my house in Bandar Baru Bangi. Please come when you have the chance ok. Have a celebrated and wonderful holiday to you!

    This is my mobile in case you want to get in touch: 012 6222614.


Structure story Faezal – PieR

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As Faezal said, we’re trying to build up something going thru times. A1 would be his panel and A2 mine. We havn’t decide who is gonna be where. Somehow like a building with 2 different levels.

I extremely enjoy all our talks because we learn also the background of each other and from our respective country… then we just put shape around this all. I just really like his drawings full of life and so close to people… I’m very happy so far. I’m learning a lot and this make it fun! Thanks Faezal!

My 90’s

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While Pier is drawing his 70’s, I’m working on my 90’s. Later, we both will have each other’s version of the era. I guess, this is something like exchanging visual conversation between us,

Faezal: “90’s in my opinion is like this crazy years in the madhouse (college) that was more about doing everything else except study, and how was yours Pier?” and Pier would draw out his thought.

There will be more to come people!


My 50’s

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Hello everybody,

Finally I got the chance to post something in this blog along with Pier and everyone else. As a start, We (Pier and I) are both doing a visual representation of our past and present time. I’ve seen that Pier already post some of his beautiful artworks. This is my representation, I hope you all enjoy it as much as we do! and Please, all comments and suggestions are most welcome!


September 25, 2008


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Welcome in the crazy 70ies… 

step by step towards a story…

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Hi Amelie,

I have been trying to continue the journey but found it very difficult. I was trying to recall the culture differences between the east and west, of course I can see the differences between UK and China, but I know too little about France, and believe it or not, after more than 8 years in the UK, and as more and more foreign cultures are coming to China, the boundary between the Eastern and Western cultures is becoming very vague for me, I find very difficult to sense the subtlety any more.

Also, I feel I just can’t resist my previous research on the culture and modernization in China . However I still want to use my pig character, I wonder whether we could make a structure that could fit both our stories? There’s a lot of comparison I’d like to make, and interesting enough, some of your clichés are the old China and some are the new. And your penguin is surely curious, and your impression of China (for a penguin that has never been to China ) is perfect for the occasion. Lots of your impressions are the China of 20,30years ago, and it would be quite interesting for the pig to reveal to the penguin, what kind of place China is now. For instance, the penguin is on his journey, he could send postcard or email to the Chinese pig during his travel, and ask the pig some questions, in order to find out the answer for the penguin, the pig goes out there to experience as well, and also realized things are different from what he (the pig) thought before. Things are changing too fast in China .

For example, your penguin thought everyone in China was communist, but in fact, China is a 100% Capitalist country now. After the war, the Communist system brought us chaos, culture revolution, lots of people were punished for ridiculous reason, drawing comics used to be a crime. We went through lots of transformation.

Please let me know what you think.

Best wishes,


Hi Coco,

1) you would like to talk about culture/modernization in China and I’m very curious of the way you will deal with the issue

2) you would like to keep your pig (I like him very much)

3) my first researches showed I was interested mostly by climate change and clichés and ice field and not really by Belgium or France and I would like to keep my penguin.

Before receiving your e-mail, I started to write this one. As penguin and pig live in different parts of the world, they need an intermediary to communicate. What about the cat you introduced in your drawings? This is a proposal:

“The cat (or another animal) is a story teller. He has the power to be at two places at the same time. In my part of the story, he’s your voice about China. In your part of the story, he’s the penguin’s voice from the strange ice field. The cat tells the pig how the penguins imagine China. He tells the penguin how the pig sees his own country. The pig is upset by the penguin’s clichés and decides to move into his own country to show the penguin, through the cat’s story, how his country really looks like today. It’s also a discovery for the pig himself. I think this plot could help us really cross our stories, while keeping the idea of a conversation/puzzle on clichés/culture/climate change/modernization. Our two characters are willing to really meet the other one. Thanks to one of the cat’s powers, or advice, they can jump into their imaginary world and meet. In this part, we would draw on the same pages, including my penguin and your pig (via Photoshop?) on the same images. What they say, do together, we’ll have to invent it.

another proposal..

To make thinks a bit more tricky… my penguin imagines this pig. Which means that I would draw my version of the Chinese pig. The same cat could tell stories to your Chinese pig on a penguin living on the ice field somewhere far far away. You would therefore have your own version of my penguin. I don’t know if this is a good idea…

What do you think of that? Do you have other proposals? I didn’t know I would draw all these animals 😉 good exercise!! I’ll have to improve the cat…



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