September 15, 2008

Early Posts Cliodhna & Ogawa

Posted in Cliodhna & Ogawa project at 11:12 am by nunnaree

  1. ztoical said,

    September 15, 2008 at 11:31 am · Edit

    Woohoo looking forward to starting!

    Luv and bubbles,

  2. tsuyoshi0701 said,

    September 17, 2008 at 4:21 am · Edit

    Hello K-leena !

    How are you ?
    I’m fine & looking forward to start this big project.

    I sent you first messege Some time ago~.
    Did you catch it ?

  3. ztoical said,

    September 17, 2008 at 7:42 am · Edit

    Hi honey,

    I did get your email, thank you. Let me know how you want to approach the project – have you looked through the themes yet? Do you have a preference?

    Luv and bubbles,

  4. ztoical said,

    September 25, 2008 at 7:23 am · Edit

    I’m posting the following email form Tsuyoshi as he seems to have some issues accessing the blog at the moment:

    Hello my friend!

    Thank you for teaching it about your hometown.

    I did not know it so much in Ireland that there was much

    Are you a vegetarian?
    OK! I should check veggi restrant.
    Don’t you eat a shellfish and the lobster either?
    It is very difficult in Japan if you don’t eat a shellfish
    and the lobster either.

    Because the reason is a shellfish and a lobster belong
    under unpleasant seasoning in most basic soup.

    In fact, as for me, is a university now; of comics visit
    Shanghai to teach it.

    Environment of the Internet is not good in Shanghai.
    It is ISDN. . . .

    And I can look at the page of Lingua comica 3, but cannot
    check our blog.

    I do not understand it for some reason. . .

    I am referring to the staff now.
    I’m sorry if I put a message in blog.
    I cannot check me.
    Cannot you watch our blog, too?

    About our theme, I am interested about theme 4 or 5, 6.
    Because these content is because it is an imminent problem
    and can talk concretely.

    Theme 4 can introduce what kind of play Japanese children
    do and can have you teach what kind of play you do in

    Theme 5 can talk about different culture and the
    difference of the custom through an experience by an area.

    About food of theme 6, it is the thing that communication
    already has begun.

    Which theme are you interested about?

    Finally I produce it in analog 70%, digital 30%.
    I draw a picture on the paper and I scan it and paint with
    a color and process it basically.
    But I like to challenge every project because there are
    not the feelings that are strong in art supplies and a
    drawing method.

    I have done a fresco and the live Paint as well as paper.
    If there is even a studio, I use the silkscreen.

    What kind of method do you describe a painting in?

    I wait your messege here.

    see you~~


  5. ztoical said,

    September 25, 2008 at 7:33 am · Edit

    I forgot to save my mail back but I said I was interested in theme 3, 5, and 6.

    3 because climate change is a major issue in Ireland – we were the first country to introduce a tax on all plastic bags and recycling is the law for all shops and companies. We’ve had some major issues with water pollution in parts of the country this past year.

    5 interests me as I’ve moved around alot from a tiny island of the coast of Ireland with a population of under 700 people to Dublin that dwarfs everywhere else in the country with its size to Manhatten that has the entire population of Ireland times 3 in it. Theres lots of conflict in Ireland between people from Dublin [or the pale as we call it] and the rest of the country who are called culthies.

    6 As I’m a veggie I’m always interested in foods of different regions mainly to see if theres something I can eat lol but I’ve also seen alot of really interesting food related comics [like the work of Lucy Knisley I also think as a contrast food offers the biggest one between Ireland and Japan I suggested maybe for a first quick comic to draw a 2 to 3 page comic describing how to cook your favorite dish/meal

  6. tsuyoshi0701 said,

    September 29, 2008 at 7:19 am · Edit

    I returned.

    I was able to do a check of the blog after a long absence.

    I uploaded the email which I sent instead.

    Thank you for supporting it~~(; o ;)~~//

    Does the email which I sent on Saturday arrive there?

    I attach contents as follows.

    To my important partner

    I am sorry that an answer becomes very slow.

    I feel some irritation now about net environment of
    this place.

    I can regard a contact as you today because the
    Internet revived.

    By the way

    I taught how to describe comics to 50 students in Shanghai.
    It is the egg of their almost animator, but is not so high-level.
    The stories of a basic sketch such as structure and the face of the human body, a hand are the center.

    Did you buy a house?
    It is an absolutely former story for me.

    There is a studio in the house, and it is the production environment that is splendid that, in addition, and there is it to a press.

    I have special thought about theme 6.
    There must be the food for a human being.
    However, the things to eat by each country, each area are different.
    When I say honestly, the Irish people do not have an image
    to eat many kinds of food very much. A potato, a potato, a potato. . .

    Possibly I may think that the Japanese eats sushi and sashimi, tempura every day.
    That’s not true
    I think that there is a lot of misunderstanding there.
    I think that the misunderstanding and a true interval are interesting.
    There will be a lot of hints on writing comics in the meantime.

    I come to Shanghai now.
    Chinese food is really wide and has a lot of cooking ingredients and a lot of cooking methods.
    I was surprised every day.
    I send a photograph of the cooking.
    The one is slightly grotesque.

    In the night of today, I come back to Japan.
    I will have contacting you more smoothly from next week.

    I am sorry to keep you waiting.

    Even if you are already aware, my English is really
    I trouble you.

    When an answer from you is as possible easily gentle
    English, I save it.

    From your Tsuyoshi to you


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