September 16, 2008

our reflexions…

Posted in Pier & Faezal project at 6:13 pm by PieR

Retranscription of our talks…

PieR : I had an idea about making portrait of people in 3 different times of their life. Childhood, young adult, adult/old… Both author would make the childhood of someone, then we mix (one makes the young adult life), and then we change again (it could also be a mood, an object…)
exemple: 2 stories :
A-B-C and D-E-F (each letter is a period of a life)
PieR: D-B-F

Faezal: This idea seems interesting and we can proceed further from there, could it be autobiographical? or semi-autobiography? or maybe fictional (based on)?. Still, we have to decide on what kind of story that we want to tell. About the theme cultural conflict, between old and new? or maybe between yours and mine?

What kind of story that you personally want to tell Pier?

Once we have decided, There are some examples that we can present it, visually I mean.

1) We can divide the pages into two panels, e.g yours on top, mine at the bottom. Our story will move in parallel together. As you suggest, in the middle or at the end, our story will linked together.
P/s: I have this one batman comic strip called ‘Day & Night’ similar to this idea, I will send it to you.

2) Or we can do something like the ‘Rabbithead’. One panel or two, e.g you start first, then the story branches out into several other stories (maybe the period of time in our lives?) your story and mine moving parallel together and when it’s closing to the end, the stories will combined together and I would end it.

3) I could draw 3 pages, then you can continued another 3 pages, and so on…

4) We both can draw on the same panels (although I don’t know how we can pull it off though).

PieR : I like the 1 and 2 quite much. 3 seems a bit tricky… Because we’ll have for sure to wait for the other one to keep going on… The 4th could be a bit too repetive… but maybe not?

Actually I like the number 2. We could make a lots of different links…The start would be a pannel put in the middle of the page, then sometimes we could draw half of a pannel and keeps going…

It’s not that easy, and we need to start
I don’t have that much of an idea about all this… I would like it to be fictional if we feel like it and autobio if we want…
Let’s make it autobio maybe, but we can also tell the life of someone else pretending it’s autobio…
When I think of cultural conflicts, I’m always coming back to technology… Like, when I was a kid we had this big phones… or old cars without electronics… I was dreaming of the year 2000, that we would be able to fly… this kind of things…
And you?


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