September 17, 2008

Posted in Amelie & Coco project at 1:36 pm by lilichkaia

Hi Coco,

I posted your last drawing. Pier and Faezel have started to use the blog as well.

To answer your question: I started to develop the character of a penguin this summer, for a book for children, during a training in Illustration. I knew this character would come back sooner or later, I feel I haven’t finished with it. The short stories come very spontaneously, I did not not thought about climate change before in this way… Maybe the influence of the “Kyoto protocole”? 😉

You seem to be very much inspired by the theme tradition/modernization. It is more difficult for me to talk about it, things are a bit different in France and Belgium, I tried to think about a few ideas to answer yours but this contrast is less evident here, I think you know that, if you lived in London.

But I think there’s a way to have a dialogue. I decided to come back to my penguin and these are the new stories I made, directly in response to your last picture. Modernization often goes with global warming as well…

I don’t draw with computer, though I use it a lot to build the pictures and I’ll follow a training in Illustrator in a few months. Genrally I prefer to use ink, pen, brushes, and even pieces of string. That could be interesting to use this contrast between your way and mine…

Looking forward to see what will come next…



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