September 18, 2008

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Dear Coco,

Thanks for your e-mail and the initiative of starting the thinking part. I read both your ideas and Tanitoc’s ones.

I like the idea of a CONVERSATION that we redraw. Personally, I would not wait the end of the conversation to start drawing (anyway, where does such a conversation ever end??). We could start the conversation and, in the process of answers and questions, exchange drawings and see who they influence the next steps of our conversation. It would not only be a conversation between you and me on various themes but also a conversation between our drawings, styles, atmosphere, characters…

That’s why I like Tanitoc’s proposal of a PUZZLE very much. Of course we need, as he says, to fix a few rules for the pieces of the puzzle (“size and dimensions of each strip”). I don’t have any clue right now but I just give an example from our previous drawings:

I spontaneously started to use a 4-square strip (Tanitoc, how do you say “case” in English?) to tell one situation. I could tell a longer situation in 8 or 16 squares…. In your last drawing, you used 2 squares, 3 rows. Our formats are already combinable this way (see picture) and this afford several options. Once again, this is just an idea.

In the end, the order of the pieces of the puzzle could be, or not, reconsidered, completed by additional drawings we could produce in Kyoto, by taking out unnecessary parts…

In this framework, if we talk about our cultures and countries from a more autobiographical point of view, a penguin is probably not the best choice, though I would enjoy going on with it (I already have several other ideas of strips). But that might be an idea to keep for another project in the future… Well, let’s see what happens when we start drawing our conversation.

I’m looking forward to read your ideas.



Dear Coco and Amélie,

I hope you’re both well.

Thank you for your enthusiastic approach!
I did indeed receive your ideas and pictures – it’s all pertinent. The parallel “old-now” page about China is great, it could potentially become the idea for a book, don’t you think, Coco? As for the essay on global warming from a penguin point of view, what can I say? Well done.

I like very much the fact that you’re trying to balance a spontaneous “go-for-it” approach with a more “planning-ahead” thinking – sounds to me like an enjoyable and smart way to do it.

Maybe, on the challenge to link your works, just an down-to-earth idea: would you consider giving yourselves a format (size and dimensions of each strip)? That way, you might be able to move each strip around (say, in a final page of 3), you would get a simple, flexible way to build this parallel narrative: you’d be free to say, at any given moment, well, for instance, page 4, we need to have 2 Coco strips + one Amélie strip, then a whole page 5 by Amélie, then for page 6, 1 Coco strip, 1 Amélie srip, 1 Coco strip, followed by a whole page 7 by Coco, etc.
This would mean that you don’t have to worry right now about the editing, you can just get on with your current dialogue – we can have a look at diverse combinations whenever you feel like “playing with this puzzle”!

Let me know what you think.


PS: Amélie, thank you very much for blogging Coco’s work – nice one.

Coco Wang a écrit :

Hi Tanitoc,

How are you? Have you received the last two images I sent you? Amelie replied with some new panels and it seems it is a dialogue that she is working towards, so are we going to draw the stories like a conversation? It is not going to be an individual story after all?



Hi Amelie,

Thank you for the forwarded project by those two guys, it seems to me that we could perhaps execute our project like a conversation, which is one of the ways to join our stories together. So how about we write down the script first, simply a conversation in writting, we talk about our cultures and countries (whatever it could be, modernization, culture conflicts, cities and countries etc…), we ask each other questions, and give answers in return, then maybe do a little test of comics, which means we REDRAW our written conversation, express all questions and answers by drawing comics. What do you think? We could try a slower pace or faster pace, we could draw one column at a time, or one page at a time or 2-3 pages at a time… depends on what kind of question or answer you’d like to give. Just some brain storming, I’d love to hear what you think.




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