September 23, 2008

Posted in Amelie & Coco project at 1:22 pm by lilichkaia

Hi Coco,

Yesterday and this morning, I made new drawings on climate change. I couldn’t resist using the penguins once again… then I draw a penguin on the Great Wall (one of my “clichés” about China). It gave me an idea to begin a story. I’d like to share it with you and see if it can help us with our “conversation-puzzle” format.

The penguin lives with his pears in a white, clean, protected world – that’s what he believes. The penguin colony has its own traditions (in this case “European” traditions, though it is not very realistic, as penguins live in Antarctica…).

In another part of the world lives… that’s your part, the character you would like to introduce and its environment.

For any reason, our two characters get in touch. A letter received by chance? They meet on internet via msm? They each find the same strange object through which they can communicate via telepathic? In my sketches, the penguin finds a piece of paper with an ideogram on it (I’m surely completely wrong with the one I chose. Please correct me). It’s the beginning of curiosity, travel, questions… this travel could happen in reality (my penguin really leaves the ice field to go to China (the same for yours. Our two characters meet at a certain point) OR its remains a virtual travel via a conversation (internet, telepathic, letters…). I would go for the second option: they tell each other about themselves but they only have a few vague ideas of the other’s world and they try to imagine it. They try to imagine how it feels to be in the other’s world and of course this vision will be very far from reality. I understood that you lived in England for a while. I never went to China. I’d rather invent a world you never went to, like this ice field, an imaginary place with a European, French and Belgian mentality…

These are suggestions. Let me know what you think.



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