September 23, 2008

dreams & journeys 1.1

Posted in Emma & Hwei Lin project at 11:32 am by emmarios

Hwei and me, are working on a story about dreaming but which is becoming a road movie most probably.
Two opposite persons who live so far away but with so many things in common at the end. They can only meet in dreams, they think that the other one only exists in their dreams,  and they go on a trip together.

Here is my character. I introduce you to Pedro. He is homeless and  he hates people. It´s been a while since he felt hope for anyone or anything, he is so lonely and almost crazy.
He makes up stories about himself for keeping being alone. The most common is that he is a murderer, an exconvict…we don´t know if it´s true or not.
He can´t stand responsibilities, he doesn´t want to care for anybody or anything. In fact, in spite of loving dogs, the only place where he has one is in his dreams because in the real world he is afraid of loosing it . It travels with them, maybe it could be a dead one who belonged to him once, still don`t know.
He is frightening and terrible. The only place he acts as a human is in dreams with her. When he is dreaming  he calls himself Ulyses.


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