September 25, 2008

Food Beaming – page 2-4

Posted in Nele & Po-Wil project at 5:12 am by pguzmanos


I will write about “Food-Beaming” our (Nele & Po-Wil) collaboration. Basically it’s transportation from place A to place B via food. Nele first described it to me as:

Another idea is on food and quite fantastic. We create a character (Girl, boy, fat man, bunny?) who changes form Taiwan (Philippines) to Germany or from germany to Taiwan (Philippines) every time he/she/it eats something. In the second the charakter swallows it pops up in the other world — and every time the charakter changes, we swop too.

So far we have a “mom” and a “dog” character that are “beamed” by reasons even we might never know. The project progresses with each panels added to the story via email correspondences. In total we have about 7 pages of which some do not directly continue the story – i describe this collaboration something like a puzzle.

That’s it for now…



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