September 25, 2008

step by step towards a story…

Posted in Amelie & Coco project at 11:57 am by lilichkaia

Hi Amelie,

I have been trying to continue the journey but found it very difficult. I was trying to recall the culture differences between the east and west, of course I can see the differences between UK and China, but I know too little about France, and believe it or not, after more than 8 years in the UK, and as more and more foreign cultures are coming to China, the boundary between the Eastern and Western cultures is becoming very vague for me, I find very difficult to sense the subtlety any more.

Also, I feel I just can’t resist my previous research on the culture and modernization in China . However I still want to use my pig character, I wonder whether we could make a structure that could fit both our stories? There’s a lot of comparison I’d like to make, and interesting enough, some of your clichés are the old China and some are the new. And your penguin is surely curious, and your impression of China (for a penguin that has never been to China ) is perfect for the occasion. Lots of your impressions are the China of 20,30years ago, and it would be quite interesting for the pig to reveal to the penguin, what kind of place China is now. For instance, the penguin is on his journey, he could send postcard or email to the Chinese pig during his travel, and ask the pig some questions, in order to find out the answer for the penguin, the pig goes out there to experience as well, and also realized things are different from what he (the pig) thought before. Things are changing too fast in China .

For example, your penguin thought everyone in China was communist, but in fact, China is a 100% Capitalist country now. After the war, the Communist system brought us chaos, culture revolution, lots of people were punished for ridiculous reason, drawing comics used to be a crime. We went through lots of transformation.

Please let me know what you think.

Best wishes,


Hi Coco,

1) you would like to talk about culture/modernization in China and I’m very curious of the way you will deal with the issue

2) you would like to keep your pig (I like him very much)

3) my first researches showed I was interested mostly by climate change and clichés and ice field and not really by Belgium or France and I would like to keep my penguin.

Before receiving your e-mail, I started to write this one. As penguin and pig live in different parts of the world, they need an intermediary to communicate. What about the cat you introduced in your drawings? This is a proposal:

“The cat (or another animal) is a story teller. He has the power to be at two places at the same time. In my part of the story, he’s your voice about China. In your part of the story, he’s the penguin’s voice from the strange ice field. The cat tells the pig how the penguins imagine China. He tells the penguin how the pig sees his own country. The pig is upset by the penguin’s clichés and decides to move into his own country to show the penguin, through the cat’s story, how his country really looks like today. It’s also a discovery for the pig himself. I think this plot could help us really cross our stories, while keeping the idea of a conversation/puzzle on clichés/culture/climate change/modernization. Our two characters are willing to really meet the other one. Thanks to one of the cat’s powers, or advice, they can jump into their imaginary world and meet. In this part, we would draw on the same pages, including my penguin and your pig (via Photoshop?) on the same images. What they say, do together, we’ll have to invent it.

another proposal..

To make thinks a bit more tricky… my penguin imagines this pig. Which means that I would draw my version of the Chinese pig. The same cat could tell stories to your Chinese pig on a penguin living on the ice field somewhere far far away. You would therefore have your own version of my penguin. I don’t know if this is a good idea…

What do you think of that? Do you have other proposals? I didn’t know I would draw all these animals 😉 good exercise!! I’ll have to improve the cat…




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