September 28, 2008

Early Posts Sofia & Maki

Posted in Sofia & Maki project at 2:58 am by nunnaree

  1. maki0402 said,

    September 30, 2008 at 5:45 am · Edit

    Dear Sofia

    Hi Sofia,
    I got your mail today.
    Thank you for your writing. I’m happy to hear from you.
    I’m sorry to late post a message about the themes.

    You visit Japan by this plan for the first time!?
    I hope you can get time for sightseeing and try to Japanese food if you like.There is a many good restaurant in Kyoto.Not only Japanese, Italian,Russian,Irish,Spanish,Indian,of course Chinese and Korean and more!I hope you enjoy it.

    Wow,you listened Hedningarna too? But it is natural.
    I like listen to foreign music.Of course Rock,Punk,classic and traditional music.
    (Celtic,Tango,Flamenco,Islamic etc…)Hedningarna was one of that.
    I believe Swedish music is not so popular in Japan.
    However, they has a many Japanese fan who likes listen to many kinds of music.Actually Vesen is come to Japan to their live performance once a few years.

    Now,I’d like to start a conversation about the themes.
    I’m interested in theme of 1,4 and 5.

    About theme 1,
    Japanese has a many cliches.
    I’m sorry to say,but I know almost nothing about your county culture.
    However,I think there is many differences between our culture.
    I’d like to talk about our culture each other and pick up interesting difference.
    And I think we have some similarity perhaps too.
    I think that interesting if we express them with a forms of the expression in comics.
    (We need to talk about differences of forms of the expression in comics between us.

    I think theme 4 and 5 is more simple.
    If you interested in this theme,let’s start to talk about this subjects.

    I’m interested in theme 3 too.
    Climate change is a problem of all of people now.
    I believe there is not the person who is not interested in the problem.
    However,this theme is little difficult to collaboration.
    I worry about a work becoming too abstract.
    But if you want choice this theme, I’ll assent with pleasure.

    And we have to think about way to collaborate.
    Do you think about we had better decide a theme first or
    had better we decide a method first?

    Please hear me your voice.
    I looking forward to collaboration with you!
    Please bear to my poor English for a while….(>_<;;


  2. maki0402 said,

    September 30, 2008 at 6:03 am · Edit

    Dear Ms,Kim and Mr,Ono

    Thank you for your mail and support.
    I’m sorry to late a post a message .
    We started to conversation about the themes recently.

    Please guide us and give some advices freely.
    I am so happy to work with you.

    I feel their are many differences in the stance of production of Japanese comic artists and non-Japanese comic artists. I believe that learning and understanding those differences, and expanding my own field of vision, will help me to grow as an artist.

    Thank you.


  3. sofiafalkenhem said,

    October 2, 2008 at 2:57 pm · Edit

    Hi again Maki!

    Again, your English is very good, please do not worry about it.

    We are interested in the same themes, I think maybe theme 1 is “easiest” to make a comic about and because of that I would rather like to explore theme 4 and 5. That way I think we could make something more interesting.

    Maybe we could write down our thoughts on these subjects (4 and 5)? Just some ideas or associations? In words or sketches, and then see where we could take it from there?

    I think it could be fun to make it as either a conversation, or maybe something more poetic. But most important it should be fun and interesting to read!

    If we know what material we have to work with, I think it is easier to figure out a method to work with? What are your thoughts? Would this work out for you? I will start thinking about the themes, and post my thoughts.

    I am happy to collaborate with you, you are such a good artist.


  4. maki0402 said,

    October 5, 2008 at 8:05 am · Edit

    Hi Sofia.
    I am very busy with work right now, and I’m afraid I have no time for writing.

    I’ll wright again after wednesday.

  5. sofiafalkenhem said,

    October 5, 2008 at 4:18 pm · Edit

    Okay, no problem at all, Maki!

    I hope your work goes well.




  1. maki0402 said,

    Hi Sofia.

    I hope everything is going well.
    I’m so sorry I haven’t written back soon.
    This October is really hard time for me….I’ll go mad!

    I usually drawing comic by pen and ink.
    and much works is monochromatic include the work to publish.
    sometimes I use a PC to help a drawing.
    PC is useful to paint a color works, so I use it to paint my color works.

    By the way ,about a themes.
    I considered many possibility about themes.
    (How to make a story line,way to collaborate etc…)
    After all I think theme 5 is best for us.

    You and I are probably live in different environment.
    You live in the city abundant in nature.(but I don’t know more than things written your bio.)
    I live in near the biggest city in Japan.
    Actually there are many nature but that’s almost artificial nature.

    I’m interested in make a works with the differences.
    Can we make a story with that difference and universality of us life?
    I believe universality behind differences can be the theme of us work.
    It is not a story that the characters thinks each hometowns are the best after all,
    like as “The country mouse and the city mouse”.

    I have a story line and I thinking up the way to our collaborate.
    I’ll tell you about story line after hear your opinion.

  2. docofer said,

    Hello girls,

    I hope you are doing well, looking forward to meeting you both in Kyoto.

    By the way, i think you really need to speed up with the collaboration, your pair is the only one that has yet to post some concept and drawins in the blog. This work online is very important to set up the path for the collaboration, the concept and the drawings need to be already very developed by the time you get to Kyoto. 3-4 days there wont be enough to create something completely new, this is why we conceptualise this September-October time as a Phase 1, as a preparation of Phase2…



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