September 29, 2008

90ies by PieR

Posted in About LINGUA COMICA 2008, Pier & Faezal project at 8:26 pm by PieR

So here is my vision of the 90ies in France (at least one of them).

In Faezal one you can hear Kurt singing… So I choosed the moment when I learned THE news..

In France we often take a coffee at someone’s place between courses…


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  1. lilichkaia said,

    Hi Pier,

    I was in France at that time, the year of the “bac” and I remember it well… more the first times Nirvana’s music was played in parties than Kurt Cobain’s death itself… A period definitely associated to this music… flash back each time I hear Nirvana. You made a very good “reconstitution”! I like your black and white dialog with Faezel. I’m curious to see how you’ll develop it in the next weeks…
    I’m really enjoying this “Lingua Comica” exchange and I guess you both do too.

    See you,


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