September 29, 2008

a penguin and a pig…

Posted in Amelie & Coco project at 7:31 am by lilichkaia

Hi Amelie 🙂

Wow! I love this connection! I thought about your two proposals (the cat as the connection or we imagine each other’s character), I am just brain storming and thought of something very simple, feel absolutely free to say no if you don’t like it. How about, simply give the penguin and the pig a tool for communicating? A laptop? A public phone booth that always appears out of nowhere? A mobilephone? Messenger pigeons? Blackberries? It might make the visual effect even more funny and amusing, I kind of want to laugh already when I imagine the peguin and the pig type on a laptop, or pushing coins into the public phone etc… Just a thought, please let me what you think. 🙂

So to start the story, for example, the pig was making a phone call, but dialed the wrong number, and the penguin picked it up. (Could be another way to start things up, this is just one I thought of at this moment) Then they started to talk about China , the penguin tells all his impression and imagination of China to the pig, ask some questions perhaps; some questions the pig could answer, but some he could not, so he had to go out and find out the answer. And more importantly, the pig is VERY surprised at penguin’s impression of China , very surprised to learn some information (from the penguin) about China that he (the pig) never knew before.

For example, when I was in school, everyone was educated as Taiwan was only a province of China , I was so shocked to learn that most foreigners believe Taiwan was an independent country. Also I was not aware of the problem between the Chinese government and Tibet when I was in China , I only learned these problems after I went to UK and look everything from an international point of view. The Chinese government kept lots of thing away from Chinese citizens to avoid troubles.

After the communication on phone or laptop or letter or whatever…, they decided to meet up, then we can arrange a way for them to meet up and think about what they do when they meet up. What do you think?

I am just thinking out loud, do tell me your ideas.

I agree with you, our two characters do fit well together, they are both very cute and have a very good sense of humour. ^v^



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