September 29, 2008

China explained to Penguins

Posted in Amelie & Coco project at 7:34 am by lilichkaia

Hi Coco,

Some drawings and some thoughts…

I made some draft drawings using the telephone booth. If you are not convinced by this proposal, I can try with a computer, or something else. What would your pig prefer? The text in fake chinese should be written by you. This is just the beginning of the conversation…

I like alternating black and white (for the penguin’s everyday’s life) and colours to express his fancy clichés over China. What do you think of this process? Will you make pictures in B&W or in colours or both? I’m tempted to draw other clichés in the same format as for the previous ones, for example on Tibet (as you mentioned it in your last e-mail), pollution (medias are talking about this huge scandal of melanin in milk…), industrialisation (women working 12 hours a day in a factory, men building skyscrapers at a huge speed), History (Chinese invented paper)… Of course we won’t use all of these clichés, but it might give you the choice to answer those you want to use for your pig. Or, if there are specific aspects you would like to talk about, let me know, I can surely find a good cliché 😉

I wonder whether we should start the story directly with the phone call (or any other way to get in touch) or with an everyday life situation to introduce our characters, their environments, the main aspects of their mentalities… for example my penguin could have a first contact with the idea of China (through this piece of paper with an ideogram, some stories told by the panda, an old book, etc…) and suddenly he receives this call from China so he’s immediately very curious, eager to continue the conversation with this stranger. Maybe we should understand that your pig already has some question marks in his mind, that’s his almost ready to question his country… just an idea, let me know what you think of that.

We could use the drawings of clichés step by step, not all of them at once, in order to give a rhythm to their several conversations. This “rhythm” could be the final touch in Kyoto, the construction of the “puzzle”.

For the moment I don’t have any idea on when, how they’ll meet up, not even if it’s absolutely necessary. I think we’ll find the solution in the course of the conversation…

Maybe another few drawings from both sides and we should agree on a format, so that the pieces of our puzzle will not be to difficult to put together…

I’ll be back to my computer on Monday. I’m going to spend the week-end in the Ardennes, with friends, in the small mountains of Belgium. Beautiful weather, quite exceptional here!

The title could be something like… “China explained to Penguins”

King regards,



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