October 31, 2008


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the introduction of the penguin, that should follow the introduction of the pig…


October 29, 2008

Food – more childhood memories

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First page of a four page comic to go with Tsuyoshi’s childhood memory comic posted earlier – need to find a font I like so I can add the text.

October 28, 2008


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So this is still in the future… but I don’t know when yet 😉
With Faezal we’re trying to find out the ending of our story so it’s a bit complex time for us… many ideas but.. well you know. On that one, I don’t know if I should add a human or not..
Then we’ll have the robot(s)… like the ones you saw from Faezal beautiful sketches..
We’ll see, hope you enjoy!!


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October 27, 2008


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Matei, here’s pg8. I am doing it in a much more controlled style. I intend for phase 2 to be the history of Singapore – how it became the city it is today. It’s sorta told through the ‘mind’ of a very prominent politician in the country. 

I intend to rehash my drawings in Phase 1. You are right, I don’t think obscuring your drawings is such a good idea – sorry about that. My idea is phase 1 represent Singapore today – as told by the imaginary character that we see already.



October 26, 2008

Tai Chi

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Another cliché that we might use somewhere in the story…

Telephone call…

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Coco has made new pages for the telephone conversation between the pig and the penguin, as she restarted her part from the beginning.

And I mixed it with my previous drawings. Let’s see if the idea suits Coco as well…

Before getting into the Chinese painting…

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I added a missing page in this part of the story…

Robots, what the…?

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These are some robots design for our story. Without realizing it, robot have been around in our story from the beginning of the 50’s. We are still figure out on how to end it, but the robot might there at the end and perhaps at the beginning too.


October 25, 2008

My 2020

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Here we are 10 years after the robot disaster. The lab was abandoned into this hiding dump. During this time, the opposition party finally overthrown the government, Things hasn’t improved if not worsen. New strict rules to forbid any foreign culture into the country has been enforced. Of course, the youth rebelled against this new law, and they became the main law offender.

Authority has been sent out to hunt down all the law offender and heavy penalty awaits.


My 2010

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Hi everybody,

So here we are with the year 2010. Pier and I decided to push the time up to the year 2050. As for the 2010 onwards, I guess my story will gradually becomes more fictional (or is it science fiction?) although it’s still based on my personal view of how things to come in my dystopian future.

So here it is, our scientists’ first attempt to create our 1st robot. Thinking that using the primate as the inspiration would be symbolic enough to play god, the 1st robot project goes haywire and apparently not looking good at this moment. Obviously we still have a long way to go.


October 24, 2008

pg 7a

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matei, i’m trying this out w/ colour. Also, made Grempa’s words much clearer now.

First thoughts

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Okay, I hope the images will show up in this post…

Maki, I scribbled down my first thoughts on the subject in my sketchbook. Just some things that might give you more of an idea of where I come from and live. I hope you can read my handwriting, otherwise let me know and I can just type the text out for you 🙂

So I grew up in a very small town with lots of oppurtunities to play in the woods, but now I have moved to another part of Sweden and live in a big city (big for Sweden that is…) My family still lives where I grew up, but I don’t get to visit them very often. When I do, I love visiting my elder brother’s home. As I write in the pages I’ve posted here our lives are very different, and since a lot of his life is fascinating to me – elk hunting, beavers flooding your land and so on, I think maybe it could be fascinating to you too.

Let me know what you think… And let’s do this comic, I think we can make something really good together.


hmm… previewing this post shows the pictures in the wrong order. I am new to wordpress, so I am not sure how to change it. Anyway, the page with the bike is the first one, and then the page with two pictures, last page is the one with only one picture.

October 23, 2008

pg 7

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Matei, here’s pg7. I’m really running all over your art here, obscuring much of your words. The idea is to use the visual juxtaposition to emotionally convey the brutal clash between ‘tradition’ and ‘modern’. I have some reservations of course – since comics is about pictures & words – no?

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