October 1, 2008

Happy Eid-Dul Fitr in my 80’s

Posted in About LINGUA COMICA 2008, Pier & Faezal project at 6:37 pm by Faezal

Hi Pier and everybody,

First of all, on the 1st of October 2008 is the Eid Mubarak celebration for all the Muslims after 1 month fasting in the month of Ramadhan. So, Happy Eid or ‘Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri’ (as we called it in Malaysia) to all muslims and non-muslims. I dedicated my drawing for the 80’s especially for this celebration.

Eid Mubarak is celebrated by all Muslims from all over the world. I believe the way we celebrate it are differs from one culture to the other in every countries. They way we celebrated in Malaysia also changed slowly from generations to generations. During the 80’s, one of the thing that stuck in my head was the influenced of (Glam) Rock culture.

Normally, 2 days before the Eid, all family members would gather in our parents or grandparents house in the village. Everybody would come and help with the preparations, cooking the traditional foods, cleaning out the house, change the curtains etc… and the children would play with their cousins and relatives all day long and night. At night we would play with fireworks and firecrackers and all the village houses would be lit with the gas lamps. As a child these are the things and scenarios that we were all waiting for.

I remembered some of my uncles (whose young, working in the city and thought it was cool at that moment) came back to the village looking like these people from the Rocky Horror Show. Well, considering that people in the village are still uphold strongly to the traditions, you can just imagine the shocked on everybody’s face looking at them.

So I guess, that would make a perfect contrast to show these two different cultures collided. Enjoy!

Pier, I can’t wait to see your 80’s.



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