October 1, 2008

what we are talking about

Posted in Matei & Budi project at 2:34 pm by omulan

what Budy’s twisted mind came up with – I’m RED, he’s BLUE, then interpreted by my perverted brain (outrageous stuff to come)



  1. piergajewski said,

    Haha Very funny and marvelous idea!!
    Can’t wait to see the final result…
    Will you print your work in red?
    Keep going..

  2. omulan said,

    hahah that is a good one indeed. I would. Verry good indeed !!!

  3. budiwi said,

    Great stuff, matei (mate)! Yeah – I like the 2 colours idea as well – Thanks, Pier! Now, can there be a third colour – a combo of red and blue (purple)? For areas where panels overlap! Can you email me hi-res versions of your stuff for me to respond?cheers!

  4. omulan said,

    Well of course. I also put it in the mail, like we can go violet for the overlapping. I did send you hires of my stuff in the zip attached to the mail. Is jpg at 300. I’ll do clean-up if you ok with the story so far and send it back. Are you ok wit JPG?

  5. omulan said,

    mate 🙂

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