October 7, 2008

dreams & journeys 2 . layang

Posted in Emma & Hwei Lin project at 9:55 am by hwei

Pages 1 and 3 of our story told in warm bright hot lazy humid colours. Our story has two beginnings with two different heroes and moods… As we chat about the story and beaches and traffic and jobs and drawing I think we start thinking more about what is exactly the same about people from different places, instead of what is different about them.

dreams & journeys page 1We used to drive down south from our big new modernized suburbs to my grandparents’ home in a sleepy historical town and spend the weekend with our extended family. I packed lots and lots of books and notebooks for writing in; I was never able to speak their dialect very well. In the car and at my relatives’ homes I daydreamed and read stories and wrote some of my own,

and I talked to the one cousin who was my age, and followed my grandmother to Chinese temples where she would burn joss sticks and offer great bouquets of chrysanthemums, wrapped in newspaper, to the gods in exchange for her children and grandchildrens’ health; our future, our happiness.. In the hot afternoons without air-conditioning we fell asleep on the sofas while my uncles played mahjong, we chased the neighbours’ ducks in the evening, drove into town to queue up for oyster omelettes and deep-fried crullers, and all the time I would be so worried about this feeling that I was waiting, waiting, waiting to grow up and become someone useful and accomplished, I couldn’t enjoy those long sleepy road trips while I was on them, and I only miss them now when I am grown up and my brother and sister live in other countries and I am too busy on the weekends to make these road trips any more.


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