October 9, 2008

dreams & journeys 2.1.pedro

Posted in Emma & Hwei Lin project at 9:59 am by emmarios

Here are page 2 and 4.

We are working somehow close to “exquisite corpse” here. Well, not exactly, but for doing pages eachother trying to connect them to the others and make them readable.

Here starts my part of the story.

I love “genre” (cifi,noir…). I always try to use it as a tool for talking about normal people. Here Pedro can be a delinquent but he also can be a normal sailor or fisherman. In the place I live, the sea is the main ressource for many many people.

When thinking about Pedro I can feel him so close,  in fact I imagine all the dialogues in galician language besides I dont´t use it normally, it´s a little weird. At the same time I imagine him close to I´m legend´s Neville or  Mc Carthy´s novel “The road” main character. Yep, I imagine you can find a stupid tough and stubborn guy wherever.

I´m working on colour right now, I´m using a colder pallette than Hwei. Blue, grey…something like that. Our plan is to mix both pallettes when both characters meet. As soon as I find something and complete with the dialogues we´ll upload again all the pages in the correct order.


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