October 13, 2008

page 3

Posted in Matei & Budi project at 3:48 pm by budiwi



  1. omulan said,

    cool man. We go! So now i was thinking to continue with somme storyes so do i get some new layouts or do i continue freestyle?

  2. titusillu said,

    Hey Budi and Matei,

    how are you?

    Are you enjoing the collaboration?

    I am really impressed I have to say. The way the first couple of pages turn out, with the tension of your different styles, is really exiting! Great work guys! Go on like this!
    Now that Budi made a proposal for a layout and then Matei drew right into it, why not change positions for the next couple of pages?
    Come to a point in the conversation where you can swap positions and then you have Matei react to the drawings of Budi, what do you think?
    So Budi can tell things about his country and have Matei react to it…?

    Dont get me wrong this is just a proposal, I am very happy with your work!!!

    In one or two weeks, we should do a little review to see where this all leads you to and how we will make it a “round” thing,
    but for now just go on its really great and exiting!!!

    Very best

  3. budiwi said,

    Thanks, Titus. Yeah-that’s exactly what we’re doing. Matei will now come up w/ pre-fixed layouts for me to fill in. I’ll upload a couple of pages today. Let’s see how it develops.


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