October 15, 2008

2010 – PieR

Posted in Pier & Faezal project at 4:19 pm by PieR

Police arresting Hackers... by PieR Gajewski

Police arresting Hackers... by PieR Gajewski

SO.. here is my vision for the years 2010… Hackers and cops…

Little word for Ken… See, I’m also drawing 😉


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  1. tanitoc said,

    Hi Faezal and Pier,

    Yesterday night, I had a good read of everything your pair produced since the begining of the project – very enjoyable indeed, Gentlemen!

    What I find particularly interesting is to see the way you have been producing images with so many contemporary, 20th (and 21st!) century references in a manner that reminds me of artists such as… William Hogarth, Lat or Frans Masereel!
    Because your narrative unfold within intricate, unique, big panels, and the only sounds come from music, it creates a rather peculiar reading experience.

    Let me throw in some ideas.

    I wondered
    – if you had put together these two panels for each page
    – what would then happen, especially if you don’t keep a ‘Hogarth-like’ title/caption
    – what would happen if these pieces of music were systematically/thematically answering each other (the Kurt Cobain idea is a good starting point, isn’t it?) – also, drawing on from Faezal great ‘Rocky Horror’ image, is there something to do with confronting “global” youth music and traditional Malaysian and French song/music.

    I would be very curious to see what these ideas might bring in terms of storytelling.
    Any thoughts?

    All the best,


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