October 15, 2008

Posted in Amelie & Coco project at 4:05 pm by lilichkaia

On the last page that Coco made, there’s only one drawing… I drew on the same page the moment when the penguin receives and reads the pig’s letter… another cliché will follow…



  1. tanitoc said,

    Bonjour Amélie and Coco,

    Thank you for your pages and comments!

    I very much agree with Amélie’s point about carrying on, the layout you both chose will allow you to build the final pages later on if needed.

    I have to say I’m impressed with the evolution of your project; I do like the fact that what started as a parallel creation, a side-by-side dialogue, has now found a meeting point on the actual page. This is exciting because now that you have established a situation, the narrative flow can get more complex – I am curious to see what will happen to your characters (nice French béret, on this pig!).

    To be continued…
    With best creative wishes,


  2. tanitoc said,

    PS: Will these two animals take their distance with their respective mothers?

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