October 18, 2008

Problem solving…

Posted in About LINGUA COMICA 2008, Pier & Faezal project at 9:44 am by Faezal

Hi Tanitoc,

Thank you for your insight and ideas.

I know what you meant by ‘peculiar’ reading. Me and Pier are still figuring how to inter-relate our drawings/story together on a much apparent level. Both drawings or my drawing at least, when it stand on its own,  would have problems telling the story without any written description to go with it.

When we had our early discussion, Pier and I agreed and tried to avoid any caption or dialog and find other elements to interconnect with each other (hence the music lyrics played between each other).  As we progress further together, I am not sure if I’m connecting enough (narrative-wise) with Pier’s visuals. Of course we both understand each other’s story on a personal level, but to other people perhaps we need to find other elements/techniques to support our visuals.

Thanks again for pointing that out and I’m always open for discussion.
Pier, what do you think?



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  1. omulan said,

    I did not read all you guys have said to each other, so i apologize if i say something that has already been discussed. I like your project. It has a very original idea, although it is not a classic comic book. I like and i see it functioning very well. it is important to have an indication of your origins and age so people can better relate to the pictures. This is personal stuff and so it is related to the storyteller in a direct and intimate way. I would go for cations, or at least chapter titles. You need an explanation of some kind, images or not, not too long. I wait for 2010 already to see what your story will look like : funny and silly or tragic and prophetic. Both?

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