October 20, 2008

new “LAYOUTS” proposals

Posted in Matei & Budi project at 10:51 pm by omulan

Hello Budi (also, dear colleagues)

I’m not a master in this, and i do not know if i have catched the cultural tension, but here are a few proposals of layouts. To be a bit more clear about how i see the book layout: Cover, one page with title then page 1 (is solo) after that we have 2+3, 4+5, 6+7… etc. is important beacause i made all the new layouts to go together. Of course reordering is possible, augmentation also. I do not whant to asign you a certain place. If you want you can do that for us and chose your pannels and then gimme feedback on that. So that is prety much it fo now. I wait for new drawings from you so you take the story in your hands and i’ll try to catch up. If not, as we say in Romanian farytales: your head wil lay were your feet are standing – harscht! of wit his head 🙂

One more thing. everithing beside the gray area is space for drawing.



  1. budiwi said,

    Sure Matei. I’ll try not to have my head at my feet by the end of this 🙂 You still need me to go drinking with you yeah?

  2. titusillu said,

    After we convince you to have some japanese beer with us, Budi, all our heads will be at our feet. Ok, just kidding :-). So go on guys, now I am really curious how the story will proceed…
    Very best:

  3. omulan said,

    Me too!
    I wait for Budy to take over so i can counterattack.. i mean engage in a dialog 🙂
    I see things thing is going into a good direction.
    About the drinking we’ll see. Last one standing takes the Geishas for more tee and Ti-Hi-Hi 🙂

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