October 22, 2008

Beaming Story Interaction

Posted in Nele & Po-Wil project at 9:16 am by pguzmanos

Hi all;
Let me show you some panels from the Beaming Story. Somewhere In the middle of our collaboration I sent Nele these panels for her to continue (picture 1)

picture 1


Her reply was this (picture 2)



picture 2


On my next reply I placed a panel in the space she alloted (picture 3)

picture 3


 This time, Nele  showed me hew new idea about portraying the “beaming” , maybe she will put these on her next replies (picture 4):


picture 4


That’s all for now,




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  1. titusillu said,

    Hey Nele and Powil,
    this morning I received the PDF from nele with the montage of all the pages. Now the story has a “flow” and is very good to understand. As for Powils concerns, I really get his point. Me, I am quite happy with the story as it is, but its your story and this is a good moment for changes or extensions. So now that you have the story “in your pocket” as a sketch, sit back, take a second (or third) look at the stuff and revise it. Start a discussion about Powils concerns if the story has the multi cultural impact and exchange that you were going for or not. Maybe have the main characters stay a little longer in “the other country”, and try to smoothly introduce some more information? Just a thought. Powil, would you like to express your thoughts more concret? Do you have a suggestions / idea where to the story could develop? Anyway, for now as I look at the PDF: good work, congratulations to you both. Enter level 2 🙂

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