October 23, 2008

pg 7

Posted in Matei & Budi project at 8:01 am by budiwi

Matei, here’s pg7. I’m really running all over your art here, obscuring much of your words. The idea is to use the visual juxtaposition to emotionally convey the brutal clash between ‘tradition’ and ‘modern’. I have some reservations of course – since comics is about pictures & words – no?



  1. titusillu said,

    Hey Budi and Matei,
    I agree with Matei, great idea, I love page 6. As for page 7, I take it that it is carefully made decision to make huge parts of Mateis text unreadabel, yes?
    And if you want to work on that in Kyoto, you have it all on layers, right?
    Great stuff guys, no heads chopped off so far 😉

    PS: say, do you guys bring Laptops with you to Kyoto?

  2. budiwi said,

    Yeah-I’ll bring along my Macbook. I’ve kept all the art in layers to date so we can always make adjustment. Now…time for me to start on Matei’s incredible layouts!!

  3. omulan said,

    well… i would say, this is a no go. The whole idea of this layout was for you to intervine in the designated places, and of course you could go around the rest of the art and partially obstruct is but it still would have to be visible. The story i tell here is especially important and it speaks about stuff that i think are interesting in reviling some of the Romanian paradox. I would say text should stay untouched and art visible. It looks ok if you ask me as a graphic but the story is just ruined.

    Speaking of layers. So do you have your work on layers? I was having in mind the suggestion we got to work on two different colors. one red, one blue. It was an interesting option. In the case of page number 7 in particular, since if i would be red ontop of your blue, it wold still be readable and we could keep your drawing as it is now. This is the only way i would think it could work especially in this case.

    Also, Budi, i ask for the HI-RES. We agreed to work as follows. I did page 1a, scan 300dpi, send to you, you then send me your work + mine at 300dpi, with the name 1b. Also, a helpful tip: it would make things easier if we start going over each other to work on layers. So we should go psd each with his own layer. We can then correct and adjust easier.

    Conclusion page 7 – options:
    1. we go me on top of your drawing, and we go different colors – i would choose blue instead of red.
    2. we cut ot your drawing where the text and my ar is / or we make it light gray
    3. you redo the page by scaling your art and adding more stuff (or not) or by doing another drawing altogether.

    small explanation – i thought you will do a character and place it where there was space. I like that you did not, but it does not match the story i was telling. I think comics are as movies and books, about STORY. It can be words, but it can be also images. Can be realistic or abstract. But STORY is the main drive. No story, no comics. It can be the most beautiful drawing but without story is just a drawing. When i do comics i think about character and situation. Then i try to find the best shot for this. I think cinematic and graphic at the same time. Text is important to give the mood and to explain stuff impossible in words. it also ads up to the character. Text can be a character also. I care about font and i am concerned about the speachbubles and the balance between text and image. I see you are on the abstract side. I like that and it is completely oposit to what i do. I am curious about the coexistence between or styles.

    As far as this point, i am driving the story since most of the text is mine and if you say things, is more like a reaction to what i was saying. I am curious about faze two, when you go into action and i will have to catch up and react to your story.

    So send me those 300dpi man

  4. budiwi said,

    Thanks for your comments, mate. They’re really valuable to me. Yes, I wasn’t 100% sure about pg7 when I did it – I’m pushing the limits here so yes, I’ll adjust it so that Grempa’s words are not covered up – no problemo.

    Yeah-let’s do the red/blue thing. I’m fine w/ red – they’re both my fav. colours 🙂

    Will email you the hi-res for pg6 and pg7 today.

    There is actually another option – to use acetate over these combo pages. This way, the reader can interact w/ the comics in ‘layers’. But production cost will be higher of course.

  5. budiwi said,

    I didn’t mention this before – maybe it’ll help explain pg 7 better.

    I see that Grempa is talking about his past, about history, etc. I see Grempa in pg7 as ‘tradition’. Therefore, I react to Grempa by being ‘modern’. My drawing of the character in a suit and the sketchy background is inspired by Matthew Barney’s ‘The Architect’ in his Cremaster 3 and the sketchy background’s inspired by sprawling urban plans. In a way, my character represent the unreasonable, opaque,chaotic and very often, narcissistic Modernity.

    Now-why obscure Grempa’s words? Don’t you think that in reality, ‘modernity’ often ignore ‘tradition’ or history? It’s very frustrating in real life and there is almost a hostile tension in that kind of relationship. It is a struggle for tradition to find a meaningful place in Singapore and Asia – many Asian metropolis completely ignore their past, tear down old buildings and raise up new, ugly buildings.

    These are some thoughts I had when I was doing pg7. It’s a unique page so it will not be like this all the time.

    Yeah-comics is about stories. But must stories be told using sequential pictures/words? If a story can be communicated by only drawings, is it still called comics? I don’t know. This is what I want to find out and in some ways, you told me some answers already 🙂


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