October 24, 2008

First thoughts

Posted in Sofia & Maki project at 12:22 am by sofiafalkenhem

Okay, I hope the images will show up in this post…

Maki, I scribbled down my first thoughts on the subject in my sketchbook. Just some things that might give you more of an idea of where I come from and live. I hope you can read my handwriting, otherwise let me know and I can just type the text out for you 🙂

So I grew up in a very small town with lots of oppurtunities to play in the woods, but now I have moved to another part of Sweden and live in a big city (big for Sweden that is…) My family still lives where I grew up, but I don’t get to visit them very often. When I do, I love visiting my elder brother’s home. As I write in the pages I’ve posted here our lives are very different, and since a lot of his life is fascinating to me – elk hunting, beavers flooding your land and so on, I think maybe it could be fascinating to you too.

Let me know what you think… And let’s do this comic, I think we can make something really good together.


hmm… previewing this post shows the pictures in the wrong order. I am new to wordpress, so I am not sure how to change it. Anyway, the page with the bike is the first one, and then the page with two pictures, last page is the one with only one picture.


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