October 28, 2008


Posted in Matei & Budi project at 9:35 am by budiwi



  1. omulan said,


    Can’t wait to enter your story.
    I have the HIRES files from you. I’ll give you feedback as soon as i take a closer look at them.

  2. titusillu said,

    Hi Budi and Matei,
    I agree with Matei, this should be very interesting to see his reactions to your pages. And yes we will have a lot to discuss concerning storytelling in comics. You both have a good approach on comics, I like Budis constant pushing the limits, but on the other hand, try not to loose the contact to “readability”… in the stories we do here, we want to communicate with the reader. Your thoughts about tradition vs modernity are great and profund. But sometimes we have to slow down a bit not to loose the reader on the way… so it is very valuable to have Matei as an ajustement factor here. Great stuff guys, cant wait to see Mateis stuff. Titus

  3. budiwi said,

    Can’t wait to see you guys next week! Matei, I’ll do my best w/ the vodka 🙂

  4. omulan said,

    hehehe… i’m not a vodka drinker. Russians are the masters there. I do whiskey, wine, beer and soon SAKE!

    we do have a verry nice rachi – Palinca or Tzuica – from fruiths in RO. I tasted one old and brown… i thought it was a singelmalt.

    My stuff will come. Just been a bit bussy to fix stuf here so i can go free to our soon to be meeting 🙂

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