For the 3rd installment of LINGUA COMICA in 2008 ASEF will collaborate with the Kyoto International Manga Museum (MM), an institution created in 2006 under a joint initiative by the Kyoto City and Kyoto Seika University.

LINGUA COMICA 3 will gather 14-16 emerging comic artists from ASEM (Asia-Europe Meeting) countries for a 2-months online collaboration through comics and 8 intense days in Kyoto, Japan. Collaborative work in residency basis, workshops, panels and exhibitions will be part of the programme. A team of Asia-Europe comic experts will facilitate and monitor the project.

The organisers expect these activities will enhance interest in more comic artists in developing projects with an Asia-Europe dimension and will promote the creation of new relevant collaborative work. LINGUA COMICA wants as well to give the emerging comic artists the opportunity of an international cultural and artistic learning experience and a professional development.

ASEF and MM intend to foster that focusing on two types of work and collaborations in two phases:
PHASE 1: Asia-Europe Collaboratory – An artistic project (Asia-Europe Collaboratory) running from the 1st of September to the 1st of November. The artists will be paired by a committee of Asia-Europe comic experts and will be given beforehand several relevant topics to start the collaboration;
PHASE 2: Artists Residency-Workshop-Exhibition (Kyoto, Japan) – The work of the pairs online during September and October will be finalised in Kyoto, Japan during a 4-days in a residence at the Kyoto Seika University’s premises of Eizankaku, near Kyoto. After the residency, the artists will be involved in other activities as workshops, panel discussions and visits.

The end of the project will be marked by the showcase of the works produced, with the inauguration of a two-months length exhibition of the collaborations by the selected comic artists at the Kyoto International Manga Museum and the production of a publication.

Through these collaborations hopefully new networks of creators, artists, writers, publishers, editors and commentators will be fostered and comic artists will feel encouraged to embark on future opportunities for multilateral Asia-Europe collaborations. Innovative tools of communication and fresh and diverse approaches to co-operation will be introduced for the artists’ works.


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