EMMA RIOS (Spain) & HWEI LIN LIM (Malaysia)

Emma Rios (Spain)

Illustrator and Architecture, but above all, I consider myself as a comic artist.  I work and live in A Coruña, a city in the North West coast of Spain, where I studied my career.  After working on several fanzines, I started Poloaqia collective in 2003 where I published my miniseries APB “A prueba de balas”. Since then, I have collaborated with several fanzines, books and magazines throughout Spain.   At the same time I have been working as an architect for almost 6 years and also done several illustration works in Spain, Belgium and France,  including a very few related to publicity.  I have participated on several comic shows and exhibitions.

Just a few months ago I decided that I really need to focus only on drawing and writing comics at last, and luckily it is what I am doing. What I love most is to write and draw my own stories.

More on www.flickr.com/photos/steinerfrommars/

Hwei Lin Lim (Malaysia)

Hwei likes to draw stories. She has completed two short stories: “Absent”, published through Sweatdrop Studios (2004), and “Vefurrin”, which placed second in Kodansha’s Morning International Manga Competition and was electronically published in e-Morning (2007). Her current ongoing work is the illustrated online novel “HERO”, which has been published online since 2006 and serially updated. Aside from sequential art, she also enjoys illustrating stories and drawing pictures. Hwei lives and works in Malaysia.

More on http://appelarmy.com


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