NELE BRONNER (Germany) & PO-WIL GUZMANOS (Philippines)

Nele Brönner (Germany)

I was born in a small German town Marburg. During and after I finished school, I studied in Brazil and worked in South Africa. In 2001 I moved to Berlin to study visual communication at the University of Art.  I spent one year of studies in Milan/Italy at the Accademia di Brera concentrating on painting.

In 2006 my son Luca was born. In July 2008 I finished University
focusing on illustration and comic with the graphic novel “ Cola Pesce, Ms Death and the white rabbit”. In my work I try to unite drawings and text to create stories, which reflect my surrounding, but still leave space to interpret.

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Po-Wil Lao Guzmanos (Philippines)

Po-Wil Lao Guzmanos, a Filipino-Chinese, was born on 1986 in the Philippines. Early childhood toys inspired him to one day become a scientist and/or astronaut but school math proved to be discouraging. His informal trainings in illustration (self taught from books, attendance in art seminars and membership in college publication among others) eventually turned into comics making. Thus he decided to take a break from the distractions in Manila and visited his mom in Taiwan. Viewed by those who know him to be more of a thinker rather than a doer, he stands by the motto “The world is what one thinks it is.”  Right now he hopes to use all the things given him by family, relatives and friends to create relevant comics for the Philippines and the world.

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