MATEI BRANEA (Romania) & BUDI WIJAYA (Indonesia)

Matei Branea (Romania)

I do Animation, Comics & Illustration.

I am involved in the alternative comics movement in Romania, as a member of Hardcomics. We are a self-financed publishing house. Our aim is to create a market for comics in our country and to set a standard in content and form.

I publish illustrations and comics in local magazines, and I try, since I gained a certain reputation, to increase the importance of illustration in the printed press of my country and even more important to me, the presence of comics in the commercial media, and the promotion of young talents in this field as well.

I have my own one-man-show company and I do commercial work in the advertising field, animation and print.

My most important animation project was the “Planeta Moldova Show” (Planet Moldavia Show). I got together wit 2 comedian friends and we had a 2 season weekly show on the Romanian National Television. Most of my animation work is destinated to the small screen and the web.
I like to draw. It’s what I do and lately I start to have the impression that I am becoming a cartoon. I am into the funny/cynical-ironic/erotic-metaphysical aspects of life. I filter the information that comes to me and render it into line. It is too bad that Roger Rabbit world is not physically possible… yet.

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Budi Wijaya (Indonesia)

Budi is a trained architect practicing graphic and multimedia design.

Through his design office Psf, Budi engages in commercial design work with global corporations from US, UK, Middle East and Asia. On a personal basis, Budi participates in art and design exhibitions, extending his commercial practice to investigations of aesthetics, technology, culture and philosophy.

“I am not a comic artist and not interested to be one in the conventional sense of the word. This is despite me reading/collecting/drawing comics for the past 20 years. I am interested in pushing the boundaries of comic art form through visual design. Also, I would like to develop cultural ideas through storytelling. And in doing so, contribute to the ‘cultural database’ for the next generation about what it means to participate in a multi-cultural global community.”

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